Aunt D's Rescue Goods

Rescues do so much for our unwanted pets.  They save them from euthanasia lists, they help those that can't speak for themselves, they rehabilitate those that are deemed unadoptable, they help people help their beloved fur babies when they can't and so much more.  They do all of this with volunteers, who are unpaid and their own funds with help from donations.

Aunt D has decided to help give back by thanking those who opened their home and hearts to one of the sweet animals by giving them a sketch of the animal they chose to adopt for free.  We've taken these sketches and created greeting cards and prints for you to purchase.  The proceeds from these purchases go into remaking more of these and to the rescues, they were made for, so that they can help more.

Make sure to check back regularly as we will be adding more.  The more pets adopted from the Rescues we work with, the more sketches Aunt D does!

If you would like a sketch or painting of your own sweet fur baby, please contact Aunt D at for an estimate.  Proceeds from each personal artwork goes towards the Rescues!

Please Remember to

Adopt Don't Shop!

Tel. 631-513-2828I  I

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